Listen to the Single from Debussy's Fawn: Church Music


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"Genial ist auch die musikalische Auslegung der dreiköpfigen Band, welche sich nicht so einfach in eine Schublade packen lässt...Fazit 10 von 10" –– SHE-WOLF

"Con Debussy’s Fawn i Music by Gestalt si spingono perciò molto oltre, rispetto al primo album, nella sfida per ottenere risultati originali e trasversali nella sfera della musica jazz." –– Altprogcore 

 "a cunning and deep narrative...seamless and breathtaking composition." –– Fresh Out of the Booth

 "[Church Music is] as engimatic, sweeping, captivating, embellished, furfilled and whole as the next 6 minutes of your life can be." –– Red Carpet Living

 "Jazz, rock, classical, dollops of distortion and noise, all of it features a gleeful abandon." "the range of color here feels truly profound." –– Beach Sloth

"Music by Gestalt gives to us a work of art with few equals" –– NOVA Music Blog

 "It’s not easy listening, but it’s always good listening." –– SKOPE Magazine

 "I have no real idea what’s going on, I only know that I love it.""  –– Dancing About Architecture

 "This is far more than just entertainment: it is music that’s all about creating a deeper connection with others, and share some artistry with the world." –– The Bandcamp Diaries

 "What you hear, when you listen to Music by Gestalt, is pure bliss... Music by Gestalt is simply enriching and invigorating." –– Urbfash

 "Church Music is a wild my personal opinion, the mainstream crowd is missing out on wonderful, masterful talent and skill." –– SKOPE Magazine

"Church Music is a musical gem that conjures up retrospective emotions while toting MbG’s creative range. –– Warlock Asylum

CD's? Nah. We've got Posters with Downloads Instead.

13x13 in. Artwork Poster + Download
  • 13x13 in. Artwork Poster + Download

13x13 in. Artwork Poster + Download

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Printed on 100lb paper, shipped in a tube.

The Artwork was a long collaborative project, all done by hand. Natalie Mal had the freedom to paint her interpretation of the musical gestures on a 3x3 ft wooden panel. Later we attached a 3-inch wooden border, while Russel Grindstaff worked on calligraphy. The papers were then measured, cut, and set onto the border, featuring names of everyone who worked on, contributed to, and supported the creation of Debussy's Fawn.

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The New Album

Debussy's Fawn

Music by Gestalt

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Debussy's Fawn is worlds apart from the previous album (Schubert's Pony). It's an album meant to be heard in full, and features long and lyrical bowed upright bass melodies, precision in the midst of chaos, and thunderous accompaniment from the piano and drums.

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The first album

Schubert's Pony

Music by Gestalt

Our first album, with 9 tracks of original music and four-panel artwork by Vivian Naranjo, was originally self-titled as "Music by Gestalt." The streaming site-links below play “Schubert’s Pony,” a re-titled, remastered version of the full album. Purchase a physical copy to hear the original Master tracks, or stream the remastered album by clicking one of the links below.

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